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If you’re looking for a successful Miami immigration lawyer, Irving Gonzalez, P.A., is here to help. We’ll protect your rights! When you need an Miami immigration lawyer, it’s crucial to find a lawyer who not only has extensive knowledge of this area of the law but can get results. When it comes to your legal status in the United States, you cannot take any chances. At Irving Gonzalez, P.A., we have attorneys who specialize Immigration in Miami who can make sure you are treated fairly.

Is the threat of deportation looming over your head? Is a loved one currently waiting for their deportation in Miami? The federal court system is vastly complex. Many people who rightfully deserve to stay in the country end up being deported because they don’t know how the system functions. You do not have to be included in that statistic.

Decidedly more complex than most legal areas, building a strong defense in a state or federal Miami criminal law case is a complex process only the most well-versed criminal defense Lawyers can successfully execute. The Law offices of Irving Gonzalez, P.A, is a seasoned law firm with the personnel and experience needed to properly address all aspects of a criminal law trial.

Several factors could lead to the need for legal action with regard to Miami Real Estate Law. This could include matters such as failure to disclose aspects of the property, construction flaws, environmental concerns and others. If you have a dispute regarding property or a legal matter that must be resolved in the court, it is imperative that your legal representation has the knowledge and understanding of Real Estate Law and business law to address your matter professionally and with confidence.

We regularly advise and assist our wide array of clientele in actualizing their business and financial goals not only in Miami Business Law. During this time of economic instability coupled with the elaborate string of laws and rules addressing business, investment and transactional activities, businesses can gain a vast competitive edge by retaining exceptional legal counsel. Whether an emerging business or Fortune 500 company, clients rely on Irving Gonzalez P.A. to assist with a vast range of corporate issues – from formation, financing and accessing capital, and growing their businesses by addressing owner, employment or intellectual property issues, to private and public securities offerings and joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and sales.

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