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Miami Naturalization Lawyer

Becoming a citizen of the United States is the lifelong wish of many Miami, Florida immigrants. Being a citizen of the USA offers many rights and advantages, but citizenship also comes with its share of responsibilities and requirements. Even if you’ve lived in the Miami, Florida area for years as a legal permanent resident, the requirements of becoming a US citizen may seem complicated and out-of-reach. The Miami, Florida citizenship and naturalization lawyers at Irving Gonzalez, P.A. are committed to helping our clients who yearn to become US citizens.

When a foreigner wishes to become a citizen of the United States, he or she must go through a process called naturalization. Naturalization involves many years of steps, procedures, applications, and tests which may seem daunting to many immigrants. Unfortunately, sometimes small errors on applications or a lack of legal understanding prevent immigrants from realizing their dream of citizenship. By consulting with a citizenship and naturalization lawyer in Miami, Florida from Irving Gonzalez, P.A., you can become aware of your rights and the options available to you. We can also show you how to avoid mistakes and setbacks.

It typically takes several years to go through naturalization, and a simple error could delay naturalization for even longer. Our Miami, Florida citizenship and naturalization lawyers have advised clients about the following naturalization steps and more:

  • Continuous, permanent residence in the USA (with a green card or immigration visa) for 5 years (sometimes less)
  • Good moral character
  • Age of 18 years or older unless adopted by a US citizen
  • Ability to read, write, and speak English (waived for certain age groups and disabilities)
  • Knowledge of US history and government
  • Favorable disposition toward the US
  • Attachment to the principles outlined in the US Constitution

Please call us to receive free first consultation with an Miami, Florida citizenship and naturalization attorney from Irving Gonzalez, P.A., We hope to speak with you soon.

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