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Real Estate Attorney Miami

Several factors could lead to the need for legal action with regard to a real estate deal. This could include matters such as failure to disclose aspects of the property, construction flaws, environmental concerns and others. If you have a dispute regarding property or a legal matter that must be resolved in the court, it is imperative that your legal representation has the knowledge and understanding of real estate and business law to address your matter professionally and with confidence.


Real estate legal situations and litigation can be costly, both financially and in lost time in projects that are in progress. Our legal team is committed to seeking a fast resolution through negotiations and mediation or other forms of dispute resolution. In some cases it is impossible to avoid taking your case to court, and when this is the case, it is vital that you have high quality, professional representation from our legal team at the firm. Whether your case involves a landlord/tenant dispute, a real property fraud disputes, or in cases of breach of contract, we are prepared to protect our clients rights and vigorously seek a favorable outcome for our client.

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